GENERAL CONDITIONS of marketing agency –


These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the contract between marketing agency and client, unless it expressly and in writing waived by the parties.


Art. 1 : Definitions :

Is a marketing agency for the medical clinic Estetistanbul ( hereinafter medical clinic ) .


b . Agreement :

The Agreement states that marketing agency ( hereinafter ) provides to the client the following services :

1. Make an appointment , mediate and bring into contact with a specialized medical clinic .

2. Answering medical questions via a specialized Doktor .

3. Priority and discount to the hair transplant .

4. Grooming appointment confirmation , contract and other information if needed .

5 . Supervision by a English speaking hostess if applicable

6. Other agreed services .


The following services will be provided by , but by a third party ( medical clinic )

1. Transport in Turkey to place medical institution;

3. Research and treatment in medical institutions ;

4. Follow-up medical institution;

5 . Stay in hotel or similar accommodation including breakfast ;


In some cases, the customer may decide only to choose from. Some of the above components in concert with The customer can choose an individual package , in which several of the above components will be provided by the customer themselves.


c . service :

The carrier , accommodation provider , tour operator , airline , hospital , medical institution , physician and / or other service , this is responsibility in the broadest sense , with whom the traveler enters into an agreement and compliance with the applicable requirements for the implementation of the service.


d. client :

Or legal person who came to use. Services in contact with any individual


Article 2: Applicability of these conditions

Art. 2 , paragraph 1

These conditions are part of any ‘ authorization / request mediation ‘ agreements for the respective medical treatments and are applicable to all related ( legal) acts between and customers .

Article 2 , paragraph 2

These conditions prevail over any present General Conditions of the customer.

Article 2 , paragraph 3

The customer waives the applicability of their Terms and Conditions.


Article 3: Conclusion of the agreement

Art. 3 , paragraph 1

The contract is created by the customer accepts the offer of The endorsement will be made by completing and signing the quotation for the required treatment.

Article 3 , paragraph 2

The customer accepts this the Terms and Conditions and any payment made ​​. by

Article 3 , paragraph 3

The customer will provide before or no later than the date of acceptance all the information about himself and his notified fellow travelers that may be relevant to the conclusion or performance of the contract . If it appears that medical treatment can take place because of unsuitability of the customer for such treatment , as a result of incorrect and incomplete information about the state of health does not pass then it unfit for the account and risk of the customer .

Article 3 , paragraph 4 bears no responsibility for photos , brochures and other information, if published under the responsibility of third parties and / or service .


Article 4: Payment

Art. 4 , paragraph 1 is an agency that offers its services free of charge . Payment of medical treatment will be done at the medical clinic in Turkey.


Article 5: Costs

Art. 5 , paragraph 1 has the right to change to 5 weeks before departure , the cost of the medical clinic where the cost of medical treatment and or travel / stay with more than 20%.

Art. 5 , paragraph 2

The customer has the right to reject . Increase the costs referred to in the preceding paragraph He must , use within 3 working days after receipt of the notice of the increase. Penalty of forfeiture of this right


Article 6: Information

Art. 6 , paragraph 1

The customer must arrange the trip and to have the necessary travel documents , including a valid passport and any required visas, proof of vaccinations and the like. Possession

Art. 6 , paragraph 2

The client himself must obtain the additional information required by the relevant authorities and will in good time before departure whether the previous information is still correct.

Art. 6 , paragraph 3

If the customer ( fully) due to the absence of any (valid ) document , the journey does not this come with all the resulting consequences for his account .


Article 7: Change , possibly followed by notice

Art. 7 , paragraph 1 has the right to change due to compelling circumstances. The agreed services in any material respect Compelling circumstances mean circumstances of such a nature , that further alignment of the agreement can not reasonably be expected . If the cause of the change can be attributed to the customer , the resulting injury to the customer’s account . If the cause of the change can be attributed to any resulting damages on behalf of

Art. 7 , paragraph 2 should the customer within 48 hours ( 2 days) after the momentous circumstances, submit an amendment in the form of an alternative offer . This obligation expires , if the cause of the change to the customer is responsible. The client can reject the change ( s) .

Art. 7 , paragraph 3

a The alternative offer at least be equivalent. The equivalence of an alternative accommodation must be determined by objective standards .

Art. 7 , paragraph 4 may also modify the agreement on an essential point , owing to important customer notified without delay . In that case, the customer may only reject the change if the change does him more disadvantage than average minor .

Art. 7 , paragraph 5

In the event of termination under the preceding paragraph reimburse the customer by such damage , unless the cancellation is due to force majeure as referred to in Article 8 paragraph 4 .


Item 8 : Help and support is depending not required to respond if the trip fails to meet expectations . Circumstances the customer help and assistance


Article 9: Exclusion and limitation of liability

Art. 9 , paragraph 1 accepts no liability for any damage resulting from actions and / or omissions of the service provider ( s ) , nor for the accuracy of the information provided by the service provider (s ) . bears no responsibility for pictures, leaflets , brochures and other information, if published under the responsibility of third parties.

Art. 9 , paragraph 2 accepts no liability for damage resulting from medical treatment and / or medical research . The doctors are medically autonomous and will bear responsibility for the work they are assigned in the work related to the medical institution . Damages arising from medical treatment is entirely at the risk and expense of the customer .

Art. 9 , paragraph 3

After completion of the research , carried out anywhere in the world , the customer can not derive any rights from the findings of the doctor . can not be held responsible for the findings and the opinion of the physician responsible. will not cooperate on legal matters .

Art. 9 , paragraph 4

Customer expresses its , and be aware of potential risks and limitations of the free will he undergone medical treatment and / or medical research . Informed sufficiently plausible and informed

Art. 9 , paragraph 5

Customers can , if they have any questions about the operation of the treating physician , contact .

Art. 9 , paragraph 6

Pursuant to Article 1c of these General Conditions of the contract between customer and service ( including the medical institution , hospital or doctor ) the conditions of the respective service apply.

Art. 9 , paragraph 7 is not responsible for any commitments which deviate from the conditions stated in these Terms or in the conditions of the responsible service unless they are confirmed . Afterwards via e – mail or post writing recognisably

Art. 9 , paragraph 8

The exclusions contained in this article and / or limitations of liability also apply to the employees of unless treaty or law .


Article 10: Complaints

Art. 10 , paragraph 1

If the deficiency has still not been satisfactorily resolved , and gives rise to a complaint , the customer must notify as soon as possible in writing via e -mail or post

Art. 10 , paragraph 2

All disputes between the customer and the Dutch law. Only a Dutch court has jurisdiction to hear such disputes