hair transplant trip

hair transplant trip

What can you expect from your hair transplant trip to Istanbul? The example below is for illustration purposes only , you can for example choose to stay in Istanbul. Longer Times can also be tailored to individual needs in consultation.

Day 1 . Arrival in Istanbul

You arrive at the airport of Istanbul . At the airport , someone will be waiting for you with your nameplate in his hands> he will bring you to your hotel,. The first day you can relax in the luxurious hotel , visit the historic center or enjoy the Turkish cuisine .

Day 2 . the transplantation

At day two you will have the hair transplant . You will be picked up at 09:00 and taken to the Hospital LIV . Once there the operation plan will be discussed. When agreed the payment will be done you will be brought to the operation room.
The duration op the operation depends on the number of hairs that will be transplanted, but expect an duration of about 5 hours . at the end of the operation you will get some medication and advice for the first night and then brought to you r hotel.

hair transplant trip

Day 3 . the Aftercare

The day after the treatment you will be brought back to the clinic> and the clinic they will show how to wash your hair the first week after the hair transplant and they will give you the necessaay medication and information. . you will get various medication , lotion and a special shampoo . These items are all included in the price . All in all this takes about one hour. The rest of the day is leisure time.

Day 4 . Back to Home

At day 4 you will be picked up by your regular contact and to the airport .He will bring you back to the airport and your hair transplant trip will end. Any questions back home? We are 7 days a week , 365 days a year for you .