Hair transplant method

The FUE vs FUT
There are different types of hair transplant methods, the FUT and FUE most common methods. We will only advise the FUE method, because this is the most modern hair transplant method and the technique ensures the best natural result.
FUE method is one the most popular hair transplant method amongst hair transplantation chosen by patience because the technique offers a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The first step of the process is called FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction. In this method, each hair is individually extracted from the donor area and then transplanted into the recipient area.

Follicular Unit Extraction FUE procedure involves where hair is removed directly from the donor area of the scalp as individual and naturally-occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs. The procedure involves four main steps.
1. Separation of the follicular units from the surrounding skin
2. Extraction (removal) of the follicular units from the scalp
3. Recipient site creation, opening channels for the transplant
4. Implantation of the follicular unit grafts into the recipient area

Before a follicle can be removed from the donor area, the hair is cut 1 mm short and the area is numbed with a local anaesthetic. This allow the surgeon to make a small punch with a micro-motors on healthiest hair follicles whilst the hair is centred within a hallow needle (0.60, 0.75, 0.9 mm) in diameter. Once the sufficient numbers of hair follicles (grafts) are extracted from the healthy donor area, the specialist team of assistance prepare them for the surgeon to transplant them into the recipient area.

The preparation of the recipient area is extremely important. The surgeon uses fine needles to puncture the recipient site to place the hair implant. Density and angling should be inconsistent with the rest. This is very important to achieve the natural look. Final process involves the surgeon to insert the previously prepared hair follicles into the opened channels.

When FUE hair transplant method compared to the traditional strip method, discomfort at the donor area is almost eliminated and the healing time is much quicker. The procedure is less traumatic and does not leave with a strip scar.

The highlights of the procedure

• Only the healthy tissues are used for transplantation.

• In the donor area, there are no cuts or scars. One can only speak of small abrasions with a minimum diameter of about 1mm, which normally heals without a trace in a few days.

• In this method, the hair grafts are taken from the back and sides of the head.

• Also we are able to transplant same hair follicles to restore a moustache and eyebrow.

• Number of graft extracted depends on the donor area and its root quality; this could be in the region of up to three thousands. It is expected that each root contains 2-3 hairs.

• Depending on the extracted root numbers, the recipient are receives translation of 50-60 hair follicles per cm².

• One of the biggest advantages of FUE hair transplant method is that the patient experiences very little pain, this normally when local anaesthetic applied.

• Short recovery time.

• During the first two weeks, virtually all of the transplanted hairs will fall out.After two to three months new hairs will start to grow again.

• Six months after the operation, the new hair is much more visible. The best results are seen after one year from the operation date.

• The colour and shape of the hair does not change.

• How the hair follicles removed from the donor area is just as important as the insertion of it, in the direction of growth to maintain the natural appearance of the hair line.

• Only a professional team can achieve very good results.

• The new hair will not only change the appearance, bring self-confidence but also impact on psyches of the patient.

• The hair transplantation requires skill and technologic capability; at Esteworld, we are confident that we have mastered this art.

FUE Operation

• The first thing to cut the hair in the donor site.

• The donor site is anesthetized with local aesthetics.

• The hair follicles are removed with special micro-motors. These have different diameters; measure the thinnest needle from 0.6 mm. This allows the removal of individual roots with one, two or three hair follicles.

• Recipients site preparation; this is an important part of the process where each and every micro-channel is opened by the plastic surgeons.
The process is done with a precision so that distribution of your
transplanted hair can blend in naturally.