Hair transplant clinic

Of course you want the best hair transplant clinic. In fact, the hair transplant takes place in the best hospital in Turkey. There is no better hospital in Turkey than the LIV Hospital. This hospital is not just a hospital. It is known for its superior quality. Even players from the major football club Galatasaray choose to have their medical examinations there. The hospital is one of the official sponsors of the football club Galatasaray.

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Everything is digital. Little risk of infection !

In short: you are assured of first class care. The LIV hospital is an ultra modern hospital, where hygiene is central. Anything that can be done digitally is done digitally. The advantage? The risk of infection, inflammation and complications is minimized. In addition: A hair transplant is always done under local anesthesia. Doctors even ensure that putting the anesthesia happens painless.

A picture is worth a thousand words? See below a short film about the LIV hospital .

In other words, your hair transplant takes place in a safe and secure environment. The Doctor and the nurses have extensive experience with the latest hair transplant techniques. One last advantage: the hospital is located on the European side of Istanbul. This means that you will enjoy the stunning beauty of cosmopolitan Istanbul. Before and after the treatment.

The Doctor

Each hair transplant is performed by the surgeons themselves in collaboration with a professional team that has at least 12 years of experience in the field of hair transplants. The ethical standards of the hair transplant clinic is higher than the international standards. Dr. Hamid Ayden or Dr. Resat Arpacı and his team perform about 600 operations per year. This experience is obviously a strong point. The surgeons are members of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

hair transplant clinichair transplant clinic