Hair transplant Turkey is a promoter. Estetistanbul is responsible for the implementation of the hair transplant. So why we are the number one in hair transplant abroad? Indeed, there are countless hair clinics abroad .In this article we will give you 10 good reasons to choose a hair transplant treatment in Turkey.


1. Experienced .
Estetistanbul used the FUE technique first in Turkey and one of the first in Europe. That experience makes our hair surgeons the best specialists worldwide. The rest of the medical team has the necessary experience, expertise and passion for work .

2. Professional
The placement of the channels is the most difficult part of a hair transplant. The position of the channels determines the direction of growth of the hair. In other words it determines whether the hair transplantation will give you a natural look. We guarantee that a doctor places the holes. Unfortunately this is not the case everywhere, even in the UK.

ishrs3 . International certification
There is an international organization that monitors the quality of its surgeons . This organization is the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. In the UK, only few doctors are affiliated with the ISHRS, in Turkey 17 doctors. The doctors of Estetistanbul are active members of the ISHRS. They are much sought-after speakers at conferences and actively contribute to scientific research in the field of hair surgery .

4. Reliable
You will receive an invoice for the amount you paid . The note is a proof that the payment is done and that 8 % VAT is paid . You will also receive a guarantee certificate. The day of treatment and the name of the executive doctor will be listed on this certificate.

5 . TrendsetterStyle: "hair"
Estetistanbul has the patent on the FUE Micromotor. With this device grafts can be safely removed from the donor area. Other hair clinics use the micromotor only with permission of Estetistanbul .

6. Quality
The treatments take place in the best hospital in Turkey. Only Estetistanbul performs hair transplants in the LIV Hospital . The LIV hospital is very comfortable and luxurious. Anything that can be done digitally is done digitally . As a result, infections are limited to a minimum. In addition, the doctors ensure that even putting the anesthetic is virtually painless , your wellbeing is always central. The LIV – Hospital is located on the European side of Istanbul. We work as a sole provider of hair transplants in Turkey with the LIV Hospital. You are assured of quality.


7. Comfortable
You will stay in a first class hotel, on the European side. Before and after the treatment you will enjoy the location in the peace and comfort. The breakfast is excellent and extensive.

8. Concerned
Hair Transplant Turkey sponsors different hair foundations to ensure the professionalism of the hair transplant sector.

9. First Class Service
To be well informed is important, so all your questions shall be answered in English. Before, but also after the treatment we are there for you. We are reachable by telephone 7 days a week.

10. Transparent
We try to be transparent as possible. We can bring you in touch with people who had a hair transplant through us. You can speak with them by phone or meet them in person

Of course there are more reasons to choose us. What about our attractive prices? Prices include hotel pick-up service and medication. It makes sense that we are the 1 in the UK for hair transplants abroad!