Hair transplant Turkey stands for:

  • Involved, reliable, affordable.
  • Highest quality hair transplant.
  • Experienced doctor performs operation.
  • Completely natural result.
  • No stitches, no scars.
  • Very low rates.

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Our physicians are experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable!

Our team of specialists in Istanbul have for more than 15 years experience in high quality hair transplants. The doctors perform six surgeries per week. So what can you expect? A very natural look! See on our pages with results. The hair transplant takes place in a modern clinic, with advanced medical equipment.

Hair transplant Turkey: we organize everything.

Involved. Reliable. Affordable. That’ s in three words where Hair transplant Turkey stands for. If you book through us, we will do the organization. In total you will stay 3 nights in Istanbul. The cost of the hotel, transport and operation are included in the price. Would you like a treatment in a top clinic? Contact us: we’d love to hear from you!

hair transplant turkeyThe International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is the leading authority in the field of hair loss treatments. ISHRS has more than 1,000 members in 60 countries. It is committed to promoting the highest standards of medical practice. The Doctors Aydin & Arpacı are members of the ISHRS.